Jergens Equine

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Upper Airway - Endoscopic examinations of the upper-airway tract is performed using a 1.5 meter fiber optic scope. The images are seen in real time on our video tablet. This is an important tool in diagnosing respiratory abnormalities and sinus issues.

Gastroscopy - utilizes an endoscope that is 3 feet in length to examine the entire equine esophagus, stomach and entrance to the small intestine. Gastroscopy is the gold standard to diagnose equine gastric ulcers. EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome) is extremely common in performance horses. Gastric ulcers can cause weight loss, poor performance, abdominal discomfort (colic), poor appetite, mild weight loss, poor body condition, poor hair coat and attitude changes. Horses need to be fasted overnight prior to being scoped. Water is permitted.